Biography - Luis
Luis Mariutti was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on March 22nd, 1971.

Luis was introduced to the bass guitar by his father, who gave him one for his 13th birthday. Even though now he says itís 'very cheap', this instrument changed his life...

Inspired by his idol Steve Harris, he joined a cover band to Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Black Sabbath as he was 15.

The he joined his first 'real' band, called Firebox, three years later. What they played at that time was basic heavy metal. On the same time he used to work with an instrumental project called Black N Blues, together with Arnaldo Ricardo.

When Firebox got famous in Brazil, Luis was able to enhance his skills to become an very good and technically gifted bass player.

Heís always considered himself as a true metal fan 'true' fan of metal, of course... He began to listen to hard rock when he was 10, with AC/DCís 'Back in Black'. The first gig he went to was Korzus, whose drummer was... Ricardo Confessori!

They both have the same desire to play heavy metal with power, technique and strength altogether.

According to Luis, the rhythmic side of Shaman made of him and Ricardo will allow the band to fully express its creativity and explore new musical fields.