Biography - Ricardo
Ricardo Confessori was born on Januaray 25th, 1969, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He learnt music at the early age of 6. He liked the piano because his sister studied it and they had one at home. So he learnt to play the piano for 4 years, until he discovered football... He stopped playing piano for a long time...

After having supported his club and played in a few championships, Ricardo discovered something even greater than football... Rock N Roll! Thanks to a friend of his brotherís, he encountered music from Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rush, and Slade. He fell into it very much and Van Halenís 1983 Sao Paulo show was a turning point for him: he wanted to be a guitar player. But as things never go the way we want, he joined a band that needed a drummer... Then he began to play a lot.

Ricardo was the last member to join Angra - he replaced former drummer Marco Antunes in September 1993, just after the recording of the 'Angelís Cry' debut album. The band hit the road right away, which was huge step for Ricardo: he had acquired good experience in bands like Korzus and Garcia Y Garcia, but only in local clubs. So his big break was the 1994 edition of the Brazilian Monsters of Rock, with Kiss, Slayer and Balck Sabbath. Being on the same bill as such great bands was something very strong for the drummer. Although heís good at technique and plays with impressive precision, Ricardo doesnít share his mateís passion for classical music. Heís proud to claim he loves hard rock and heavy metal.