Biography - Hugo
Hugo Mariutti began to play the guitar in 1988, and created a band called Wardeath almost on the same time. The band lasted until 1993, and played thrash metal. Hugo was both the guitarist and the singer.

Being part of this band was very important to develop his musical skills, because it gave him the opportunity to mix brutal and melodic kinds of music.

His first guitar teacher was Marcelo Araůjo, a very good Brazilian guitarist. In 1993 he started to learn from Andre Hernandez, another great guitarist.

On the very same year, he created another band called HencefortH with Andre Nikakis on the bass guitar and Fabio Elsas on the drums. Hugo still plays guitar in this band.

Eventually, keyboardist Cristiano Altieri and singer Daniel Matos (whose brother you may have heard of) came to join the band. 'The last Day', their first demo was very warmly welcomed by the Brazilian musical press, as well as in European and in Japan.

Their second demo, 'In the Garden', introduced new singer B.J. With, and gave a bit of success to the band. In late 1998, the band played in Sao Paulo at the Olympia, and the audience’s reaction was very impressive.

Henceforth’s work is based on an original style that mixes progressive rock with a heavy metal touch. Their main influences are Marillion, Queensr˙che and Yes, if you want to know about the most famous ones. The band is now working on recording their first true album.

According to Hugo, such a variety of experiences gives him the opportunity to put together many sorts of musical influences, so as to create his own style. For him, it’s the most important thing in musical carrier.