06/11/14 New message from Ricardo
Our favourite drummer asked us to give you the following words...

“Dear Fans

I would like to express my feelings to all of you who, like me, miss André, Luis and Hugo. You can be sure that their realizations and themselves will be, forever, registered on the lines that wrote the history of Shaman.
In no moment I wanted the fans, our greatest supporters in music, to judge any of us but, truly understand that life is just like that: an endless search… And people don’t always keep walking the same trails.
In the last few days I received hundred of e-mails and messages telling me how much the band meant to us! We are certainly in mourning. But life won’t stop and the show must go on!
Sometimes I think that all of this is just a dream and, when I wake up, I will still be going to a Shaman concert.
The soul of Shaman is there, in the outcry of the fans, on the remains of the concerts we went to, when we miss it a lot…
André, Luis and Hugo will track new paths and certainly will develop a great work, as great players they are.
I end up alone. But “the shaman” is keeping me company and, in dreams, tells me I should keep on, because outside there’s a bunch of inspired people, good musicians, idealists, young promising players who want to go ahead with this ideal.
Guys, wait for the Shaman, with a strong and united team. “The Ritual goes on…” and I expect you to join me in this journey.”

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