06/11/14 New message from Ricardo
Our favourite drummer asked us to give you the following words...

“Dear Fans

I would like to express my feelings to all of you who, like me, miss André, Luis and Hugo. You can be sure that their realizations and themselves will be, forever, registered on the lines that wrote the history of Shaman.
In no moment I wanted the fans, our greatest supporters in music, to judge any of us but, truly understand that life is just like that: an endless search… And people don’t always keep walking the same trails.
In the last few days I received hundred of e-mails and messages telling me how much the band meant to us! We are certainly in mourning. But life won’t stop and the show must go on!
Sometimes I think that all of this is just a dream and, when I wake up, I will still be going to a Shaman concert.
The soul of Shaman is there, in the outcry of the fans, on the remains of the concerts we went to, when we miss it a lot…
André, Luis and Hugo will track new paths and certainly will develop a great work, as great players they are.
I end up alone. But “the shaman” is keeping me company and, in dreams, tells me I should keep on, because outside there’s a bunch of inspired people, good musicians, idealists, young promising players who want to go ahead with this ideal.
Guys, wait for the Shaman, with a strong and united team. “The Ritual goes on…” and I expect you to join me in this journey.”

06/10/18 Ricardo
Just in case you spent the last few months in a cave or if you didn't go to Shaaman's official fan-club website lately, here's Ricardo's letter to the fans:

"Hi everybody,

It was not easy to write these lines, as they represent an end to one stage. A stage that meant a lot to all of us but unfortunately got to an end.

The band Shaaman started out six years ago, continuing a great work that could not be stopped and, thanks to a great friendship, dedication and big effort of all, overcame difficulties and achieved its goal. Everything we went through this last years were real, intense and represented a lot to us and to the fans.

There were many speculations around Shaaman, and they put our fans down. People can be sure that everything was done in a certain way so we could solve disagreements and, at the same time, save all fans from unnecessary stress, but unfortunately it was no always possible.

The human capacity of relationship is odd, sometimes put us together, sometimes break us apart.

It was difficult to guess, but the fact is that today Luis, Hugo and Andre do not share the same goals we joined for in the past. That makes the future unpredictable, but not unreachable, that is why I assure one more time my commitment as a musician, to all of you who believed in me and support me, that I will go ahead.

I sincerely thank everybody who stood by me and joined me in this journey, I surely will meet you soon!


Ricardo Confessori"

The French Ritual Team was very sorry to know that, and we have to discuss about the website's future too...
I bet now you understand why we remained silent for months!
Till next time, my friends...


05/11/16 Live video with Andre
Here's a new video you heavy metal fans will surely dig!
In the "Download" section of the Iron Maiden Italian cover band The Clairvoyants' website, you'll find a video of the band performing the classic track "Hallowed be thy Name" with Andre Matos on vocals as guest star. Our favorite singer delivers an outstanding performance, proving that he's a big fan of Steve Harris's gang.
The Clairvoyant are also to release a DVD including the video, among other Maiden covers with famous guest vocalists. Up the irons!

05/05/18 Ricardo's official website
Hey people

We're glad to inform you that our mighty dreadlocked drummer now has his own website! You might want to check www.RicardoConfessori.com out. So far it's only in Portuguese, but the English version should be online pretty soon. There you should find pictures, videos, and clinic dates. Let there be drums!

05/05/18 Reason out now!
Hi there!
Yes, at last, it's done! Reason should now be available in your local CD shop!
To celebrate the release of your favorite band's sophomore album, the French Ritual website is having a little face lifting. Thanks and welcome to Mirette, our new designer. More changes soon, stay tuned!

05/05/02 April fools!
Ok, I hope you had guessed that wasn't true - the members of Shaaman didn't change names, that was just an April 1st joke!
I feel really sorry for those of you poor dummies who spent a whole month wondering if that was true or not... ;-)

05/04/01 Musicians changing names!
According to the science of numerology, which the members of Shaaman want to fit totally, the guys have decided to change their names into Aandre Maatos, Ricaardo Confessori, and Luis & Hugo Maariutti. As Lautir Nosaer, a well-known Brazilian shaman wizard, says: "Shaaman's success wouldn't be complete without this change. If their names don't fit the band's one, I fear great danger in the world of heaavy metaal..."

05/03/04 Reason
Here's the whole track list for Shaaman's REASON album:

01 - Turn away
02 - Reason
03 - More (Sisters Of Mercy cover)
04 - Innocence
05 - Scarred forever
06 - In the Night
07 - Rough Stone
08 - Iron Soul
09 - Trail of Tears
10 - Born to be

As you can see, the rumors you may have heard are true - the 80's tune cover actually is a Sisters Of Mercy song. However, "Trail of Tears" is NOT a Dream Theater cover! :)

What's more, the first single off the album should be "Innocence". A video for the song - which is a ballad - is due to be shot soon, most likely in the U.S. by Zoomari Films, who have previously produced videos for Velvet Revolver, U2, David Bowie and many others.

05/02/28 Gimme a Reason...
Some news about the new album:
Reason should still be released in March in Brazil, and on May 27th over here in France.
There will be 10 songs on the album, including "Turn away", the tune that has already been played live lately. There will also be a cover song that should take us back to the 80's...
Apparently the album won't start with a dramatic intro this time, but there should be some doom and rather gloomy sounds...
The last song of the disc should be called "Born to be" (wild??) and would be close to "Lasting Child" (see Angra's Angels Cry) with a much heavier pattern and a slowing down rhythm leading to an instrumental part. That's all we know so far!

05/02/28 Shaman change names!
Hey people!

It's now official, our favorite band has a new name. So, Shaman is dead, long live Shaaman! The guys had to do that for copyrights reasons, due to another band already owning the name "Shaman". Not much change for you crazy fans, since it's pronounced the same, so you'll still be able to scream "Shaaaaaaaaman!!!" next time you see the guys live.

05/02/05 Bunch of news
Hey people
I know it's been a while since last time the English speaking part has been updated. So... Happy New Year to all the Shaman fans around the world!

So, what's new since last year? Well, if you have been looking at the official Shaman website, you might know a little bit about what's going on. First of all, Shaman's sophomore album is entitled REASON. It should be released in Brazil some time in March. Since the band is signed on various labels according to the countries, the release date might be different for each of them.

The kick-off for the tour should follow right after. Here are the first Brazilian dates for the Reason World Tour:
12/03/05 - CAMPO GRANDE/RJ
19/03/05 - JUNDIAÍ/SP
20/03/05 - CATANDUVA/SP
11/04/05 - PORTO ALEGRE/RS
16/04/05 - JUIZ DE FORA/MG
07/05/05 - TERESINA/PI

Our German, Swiss and Belgian friends might be glad to know that the band will also play in Eloyes (near Epinal, in the Vosges) on Saturday, April 2nd, 2005.
Shaman will perform as co-headliner with Freedom Call.

We'll let you know about the album and other European tourdates and as soon as we have any news.

04/10/24 Interview with Ricardo

Exclusive short interview with Ricardo Confessori, October 18th, 2004 :
Hi Ricardo ! It’s been a while since the last time we talked. Can you tell us how things are going concerning the new album ?

Well, we are planning to release our new album in January or February. It is done already, but we decided to wait to have an album in 2005. We made this choice mostly because numerology says so! It is a great album, the best I have ever done. It will surprise everybody, the band has really grown up, and the music is absolutely fantastic.

You mean the album has already been recorded, mastered, mixed, produced and everything, but you want to wait until 2005 to release it because you believe in the science of numbers!? You guys really are shamans…

Exactly ! (laughs)

There should be an EP released before, right ?

No. There will just be a single, but only as a promo for radios.

How many songs will there be on the album ? Can you tell us some names already ? Will there be “Be free”?

I twill contains 10 songs. No « Be free », and no bonus tracks for the various editions. And sorry, but it’s too soon to tell you the names of the songs ! However, I can tell you there will be a cover on the album, which will be a surprise for everybody…

Oh yeah ? A metal song, or something more unusual like « Wuthering Heights »?

Something more unusual, as always... (smile)

On RITUAL, there were some nice guests like Tobias Sammet, Derek Sherinian, Marcus Viana... What about the new album ?

This time, there is just Marcus Viana on the violin. And Fabio Ribeiro of course, who played hammond organ on many songs.

Alright ! Thanks a lot for this little chat, Ricardo. Take care and see you next time for a real interview !

04/10/13 Brand new song!
During their show at the Rock The Planet festival, Shaman performed a brand new song from their upcoming album. The track is called "Turn away" and apparently pleased the audience. Cool!

04/10/13 Shaman in Mexico!
Shaman have reportedly been confirmed for the first-ever Monterrey Metal Fest, set to be held November 13 at the Auditorio Coca Cola in Monterrey, Mexico. Other bands confirmed are Twisted Sister, Dio, Dokken and Quiet Riot. Our Braz buddies are newbies compared to those dinosaurs! :)
Tickets for the one-day event officially went on sale on Saturday (Oct. 9). More information is available by writing to Metalfest@concertours.com.

04/10/06 Guest star
Andre appeared on stage with his German fellows of Edguy on last Saturday, October 2nd, at Espaco Das Americas, Sao Paulo.

04/10/06 Recording sessions
You'll be pleased to know that Andre is now recording the last vocal parts at dear friend Sascha Paeth's Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany. The as-yet-untitled new album should be released by AFM Records.

The band will also release an EP ahead of the new album, in January, 2005. Come on guys, we can't wait!

The band should be testing new songs on their upcoming Brazilian shows. Who talked about bootlegging? :o)

04/10/05 Shaman back in Europe
Shaman will be back in Europe very soon.

On November 20th, the band will play in Martin, Slovakia.


04/09/24 Hugo and Fabio with Thalion
On last August 20th, Hugo Mariutti starred in a gig by Brazilian female-fronted progressive metal band Thalion. The concert took place at Ballroom in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Thalion's debut CD, "Another Sun", was mixed by Philip Colodetti, who had also worked with Shaman, and features additional appearances by Fabio Ribeiro (Shaman's fifth member) on keyboards. Cover art was handled by Isabel de Amorim who had also done RITUAL's one.
Small world!

04/04/23 Some more news
Some more fresh news from sunny Brazil...
The band is currently in a big studio in Sao Paulo, doing the pre-production part with faithful Sascha Paeth. Most of the drum parts have already been recorded.
The album should be ready for a release by the end of the summer.
We'll try to keep you informed with pictures and studio reports very soon.
Stay tuned!

04/04/02 News about forthcoming album
About 1 month after the release of the RITUALIVE CD + DVD over here in Europe, here are some fresh news, straight from sunny Brazil.
The 4 guys are currently hard at work on their sophomore album. About 6 or 7 songs have already been written so far. Some of them are in the faithful wake of RITUAL, while some others are reaching new horizons... ;)
Sascha arrived in Brazil on March 26th, and the recording sessions will begin on April 10th.
We can expect the new baby by the end of the year.

And that's not all! Those who were a bit disappointed (like us) to notice that some songs from the Sao Paulo show were not featured on the DVD will certainly be happy to know that the new album will come with a bonus DVD, featuring 2 leftovers from the April 5th 2003 show! We don't know what those tracks will be, but I can tell you it won't be the Angra medley, since the band don't want to use the Angra songs. I think you guys can understand that. So it might be either "Living for the Night" (Viper cover), "Breaking the Law" (Judas Priest cover) or "Inside" (Avantasia cover). Any bet?

04/04/02 Brazil to invade Germany!
At last, Shaman found a record deal in Germany! The great AFM label (the guys who discovered Edguy, yes sir) will distribute Shaman's discography over there. RITUAL and RITUALIVE were released in Germany on March 22nd.

04/04/02 Shaman back in Europe
Shaman will perform a show at the Vina Rock festival in Valenzia, Spain, on next April 30th.

03/11/30 News & videos
Here are some fresh news about Shaman's forthcoming "Ritualive" DVD, that I'm bringing you here courtesy of the great RockOnline websites.
It is now official that the DVD will be released in Brazil in mid or late December 2003. The European release date (well, the French one at least) WOULD be scheduled for February 2004. To be confirmed.
The making-of in the bonus part will be about 20 minutes long. You will also find scenes from various shows around the world, as well as the "For Tomorrow" and "Fairy Tale" videos, and a photo gallery featuring previously unseen pictures. The total length of the DVD will aproximately 2 hours. There will also be a hidden bonus that you'll have to find on your own...
The CD will include 12 tracks, with a total lenth of 76 minutes.
About the 2004 schedule now:
Regarding the second album, the 4 musicians have been gathering ideas so far, and will start putting them in shape in next January. Sascha Paeth should then go to Brazil in March and start the pre-production. This time the guys want to record as many parts as possible in the motherland. The goal is to finish the album in June, and to release it in late summer 2004. Things are getting serious, right? :)
Besides, the AOL Brazil website displays now videos of the 4 complete tracks from the recent Sao Paulo TV show. Here it is: http://musica.aol.com.br

03/11/18 Ritualive
The release date of Shaman's audio and video live record is getting nearer! The DVD should come out in Brazil in December - what a nice X-mas present for our Braz buddies!
The title should be "Ritualive", as you can see. Yes, dear friends, we are proud to present you what the artwork may look like!! Ain't that nice?

03/10/28 Some news
Not much has happened in Shaman’s world lately, but there’s always something to say about the band, so here’s a bunch of news.
First, you might be glad to know that Shaman shot another videoclip! After the beautiful – yet weird – “Fairy Tale”, now it’s “For Tomorrow” that it broadcasted on MTV Brazil. No supermodel this time, the clip being just made of live scenes, as a forerunner to Shaman’s DVD. You can know more about this item in my previous news. By the way, Shaman’s success still seems to be rather great, since the Ritual Tour is not over yet, and some 13 new dates have been booked for the months to come.

On an IRC chat, Andre Matos announced that the second album, follow-up to “Ritual”, would be ready for mid-2004! Talking about patience again?
After Avantasia, it seems that Andre has now specialized in metal operas! Two albums featuring our favorite singer have been recorded, and were scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

The first of them is “Aina: Days of rising Doom”, a project gathering Sascha Paeth, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo, Amanda Somerville and Miro.

Just take a look at the amazing list of guests:
Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple, HTP)
Candice Night (Blackmore’s Night)
Tobias Sammet (Edguy)
Marco Hietala (Nightwish)
Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween)
Andre Matos (Shaman) – no kidding! J
Jens Johansson (Stratovarius)
Thomas Rettke (ex-Heaven’s Gate)
Olaf Hayer (Dyonisus)
Damian Wilson (ex-Threshold, Ayreon)
Simone Simons (Epica)
Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish)
Thomas Youngblood (Kamelot)
T.M. Stevens (Steve Vai)
Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater)
Erik Norlander (Lana Lane)

Here's the tracklisting:

CD 1
01. Aina Overture - 2'01
02. Revelations - 5'29
03. Silver Maiden - 5'00
04. Flight Of Torek - 5'21
05. Naschtok Is Born - 4'40
06. The Beast Within - 3'16
07. The Siege Of Aina - 6'50
08. Talon's Last Hope - 6'11
09. Rape Of Oria - 3'04
10. Son Of Sorvahr - 2'59
11. Serendipity - 4'04
12. Lalae Amêr - 4'13
13. Rebellion - 4'01
14. Oriana's Wrath - 6'12
15. Restoration - 4'55

CD 2 (alternate versions and bonus)
01. The Story Of Aina - 15'09
02. The Beast Within (single version) - 3'44
03. Ve Toúra Sol -Rape Of Oria- - 3'05
04. Flight Of Torek (single version) - 3'34
05. Silver Maiden - 4'59
06. Talon's Last Hope (demo version) - 5'46
07. The Siege Of Aina (single version) - 3'54
08. The Story Of Aina (instrumental) - 15'08

The album will come with a DVD featuring a making of, some drawings and pictures, as well as the “Beast within” video.
This interesting project should be released in November.

Besides, Abydos, Stefan Glass’s project with Andy Kuntz, Andreas Lill, Ian Parry, and Andre, might come out as a CD before the end of the year. Of course we’ll tell you more about this as soon as we have some fresh news.

About Andre again, you could be glad to know that the singer came on stage as a guest during Helloween’s last show in Sao Paulo. He jammed on “Power” (from Helloween’s “The Time of the Oath” album). A nice way to thank Andi Deris & Weiki for their participation to the last Shaman show in this time – as will be featured on the DVD.

Now something funny. A Portuguese website about the Saint Seiya TV series is proposing a poll to figure out which singer should perform the opening song of the next series. You can even vote here: www.cavaleiroszodiaco.com.br

Last but not least, we’re happy to tell you that Henceforth – the Mariutti brothers’ other band – is still going on well. The guitar and bass parts have been recorded, and the band even appeared on a bass festival. The vocals are being recorded these days. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for the guys to hurry a little, cos it’s been a while since we first heard about Henceforth!

03/10/27 Metallicancellation!
Too bad...
Shaman was to be the opening act for Metallica's show at Pacaembu stadium, Sao Paulo, on next November 1st, in the frame of the St Anger tour.
Unfortunately, the Frisco gang has just postponed the South American and Japanese legs of their tour. So our mighty Braz won't play in Pacaembu stadium (which would have been the biggest venue they ever played in!).
Let's just hope Shaman will till be the opening act when Metallica tours Brazil!

03/10/27 Latest news about the DVD
Here are some fresh news about Shaman's so longed for DVD, according to a message from the band.
The show was filmed with 9 cameras, 2 of them being on cranes. The picture will be in beta digital, and there will be Dolby 5.1, Dolby Surround and DTS mixes for the sound. There will also be English subtitles.
Guests Marcus Viana, Sascha Paeth, Andi Deris, Michael Weikath and Tobias Sammet will of course be featured on the DVD, as well as the covers they performed with Shaman.
As bonus, you will find a making of about the tour, video clips, and the usual photo gallery.
The audio live CD will be released on the same time, including a thick booklet and a multimedia track.
Now, when the hell are those coming out???
Not right now, as far as Europe is concerned. The production will be over around mid-November, which means the discs should be released in December in Brazil, and early 2004 in Europe. As Axl Rose used to say, "all we need is just a little patience!"

03/06/15 Gods cancelled
Hi folks,

Shaman's French tour ended one week ago, with the Orthez show for the Eclipse Festival. Maybe you Spanish fans were there - in that case you're lucky guys, since we couldn't get there.

You might have heard now that Shaman's performance at the Gods of Metal in Milan had to be cancelled. Too bad, since that kind of event is very good for promotion!

03/05/16 Sao Paulo gig
Here's the setlist for Shaman's last show in Sao Paulo. Fasten your seatbelts!

01 - Ancient Winds
02 - Here I am
03 - Distant Thunder
04 - For Tomorrow
05 - Time will come
06 - Angra Medley (Silence and Distance, Carolina IV, Time, Wings of Reality, Lisbon)
07 - Guitar solo
08 - Instrumental jam
09 - Drum solo
10 - Over your Head - with Marcus Vianna
11 - Piano solo
12 - Fairy Tale - with Marcus Vianna
13 - Blind Spell
14 - Ritual
15 - Intro - To be/Crazy me? (Virgo) - with Sascha Paeth
16 - Inside (Avantasia) - with Tobias Sammet
17 - Sign of the Cross (Avantasia) - with Tobias Sammet
18 - Pride - with Tobias Sammet and Sascha Paeth
19 - Unfinished Allegro
20 - Carry On
21 - Living for the Night (Viper)
22 - Eagle fly free (Helloween) - with Andi Deris and Michael Weikath
23 - Breaking the Law (Judas Priest) - with Tobias Sammet, Marcus Vianna, Andi Deris and Michael Weikath

I don't know about you, but I think I'm gonna kill myself for not having being there that night! Well, maybe I'll wait for the DVD... :)

03/05/16 European tour
Some changes have been made with Shaman's European tour.

The Ris Orangis show (France) will take place on June 2nd, and not 4th, as previously scheduled.

On June 5th, the guys will play in Belgium, at the legendary Spirit Of 66, in Verviers.

Tickets available.

Sad news for those who wanted to come and see the band live in Bordeaux (I'm thinking about Spanish fans particularly): the show has been cancelled. The reason for this is that Andre won't be able to perform 6 shows in 6 days, and prefers to take a day-off, so that he can be sure to be in good shape for the other dates.

However, the Orthez show is still scheduled, in the frame of the Eclipse festival, on June 7th. For Spanish fans, this is even closer than Bordeaux! For more information, you can call the promoter of the festival on (00) 335 5777 1030.

Sorry again for Bordeaux guys!

03/05/16 Rock Brigade referendum
In the March issue of the famous Brazilian magazine Rock Brigade, you can find the results of the annual referendum. No wonder, Angra and Shaman are at the top of most categories.

Here are SHAMAN's results:
2nd best national band (21,2% of votes)
Best national singer (39,1%)
3rd best national guitar player (11,3%)
Best national bass player (31,9%)
3rd best national drummer (15,2%)
Best national keyboard player: Andre Matos (31,3%)
3rd best national keyboard player: Fabio Ribeiro (5,3%)
Best national album (36%)
Best album cover (23%)
2nd best show (15,9%)
4th worst thing (3,6%) !!!
5th best national band ever (2,3%)

03/05/16 Fairy Tale live video
Shaman performed "Fairy Tale" live at the Brazilian TV program Alta Horas on last April.
You can download a video on the TV show's website.

03/05/16 Opening act for Shaman
After some rumors, the name of the band who will open for Shaman in France has finally be confirmed.
It's Rest in Peace, a great French progressive metal band. You can know more about them on their website www.restinpeace.fr.st

03/03/28 News of Henceforth and Shaman
Henceforth, Hugo's first band, has parted ways with its bass player who had just left for Greece. And guess who will replace him? Yep my friends, Luis himself! Talking about déjà-vu? The album will be recorded at the end of the year, when Shaman's schedule is more loose.

About Shaman, you'll be glad to know they won great awards from the famous Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew:
Best band
Best album cover
Best album
Best show
Best singer
Best bass player
2nd best guitar player
2nd best drummer
Best keyboard player (Andre)
2nd Best keyboard player (Fabio)


03/03/28 French Hard Rock Magazine poll
Shaman won great victories at the poll of this French magazine:

Best album
Best young band
Best singer
3rd best band
4th best guitar player
5th best bass player
3rd best videoclip (Fairy Tale)

That's pure glory!

03/03/28 Rotonde Festival
Here are some more news about the 7th edition of the Rotonde Festival that will take place in Hirson (Northern France).
There will be 22 bands playing, on 2 stages.

Saturday, May 31st. Doors 2.00pm. Entrance: 25 Euros.

Sunday, June 1st. Doors 1.45pm. Entrance 20 Euros.

2 days ticket: 30 euros.

03/03/28 Hard Rock Mag Awards
Bad news for those who wanted to come to France to meet Shaman in Paris: the guys won't be there at the HRM Awards, because, as you may know, they'll be performing a great show in Brazil on that day.
Thus, the French Ritual Team will be very honored to receive the price at their place. You should have some surprise anyway, if you still want to come to Paris! :) Is so, we'll be happy to meet you and have a couple of beers together!

03/03/28 Mega show!
On next April 5th, Shaman will be performing a great special show at Credicard Hall, in Sao Paulo.
The guys have decided to record the show they will play in front of 8000 people. And a DVD should be coming soon after!
Some famous guests will be there on the occasion: Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia); Marcus Viana (the violonist who plays on Ritual), the long-time friend and producer Sascha Paeth (Heaven's Gate) will play the guitar with the guys, and Andi Deris & Michael Weikath (Helloween) will join the band for some hot pumpkin cover, we can guess!
Tobias, Marcus and Sascha will also be there on the next day at the Rio show (while we will be in Paris, receving Shaman's awards!).

03/03/08 Shaman in French press
If you have the opportunity to read French magazines, you should get the February and March issues of Hard Rock Magazine: the former includes 4 pages on Shaman's wicked Paris show (which happened on December 14th, 2002), while the latter reveals a funny blind test with the 4 guys.

What's more, you might want to know that Andre Matos will be present at the 2nd HRM Awards ceremony (if you remember well, he was already there last year). The results of the poll have not been announced yet, but we can hope that this time Andre will be here not to give an award, but to win one! Rendez-vous at La Locomotive in Paris, I can tell you the event is worth the trip!

03/03/08 5 French shows for Shaman!
Hey you, European fans of Shaman, rejoice! Those who are not afraid to travel to France will be happy to know that the guys will be back in France early June 2003 for 5 shows! Here they are:
May 31st: Bordeaux (Théâtre Barbey)
June 1st: Hirson (Rotonde Festival - cf previous news)
June 3rd: Eloyes (Centre culturel)
June 4th: Ris Orangis (Le Plan)
June 7th: Orthez (Festival)

No opening acts have been confirmed yet for the non-festival shows, but we'll keep you informed as soon as we know.
There might also be a few acoustic showcases around those dates... Stay tuned!

03/03/08 Ritual European Tour
And here are the rest of the dates for the European tour, which should concern even more people! Here's the deal: Shaman will first tour Spain, then France, then Italy. Ain't that nice?
Here are the details:
23/05 - Valência/Spain
24/05 - Bilbao/Spain
25/05 - Barcelona/Spain
29/05 - Astúrias/Spain
30/05 - Madrid/Spain
31/05 - Bordeaux/France - (Theatre Barbey)
01/06 - Hirson/France - (Rotonde Festival)
03/06 - Eloyes/France - (Centre Culturel)
04/06 - Ris Orangis/France - (Le Plan)
06/06 - Rennes/France - (Antipode)
07/06 - Orthez/France
08/06 - Milan/Italy - (Gods of Metal Festival)
13/07 - Civitanova/Italy - (Mid Summer's Metal Sunday)
Other dates should be confirmed soon... To be continued!

03/03/08 French press - Episode II
To those again who can purchase French metal magazines, don't miss that! The sampler which comes with the March issue of the French ROCK HARD magazine contains an exclusive Shaman video file: "Here I am", shot live in Paris, on last December 14th! What's more, the mix between the cameras is pretty good. Talking about collector's item? :)

The first French date of the 2003 Shaman tour has been announced. The guys will play at the Rotonde festival in Hirson, on May 31st or June 1st, 2003. That’s a long time to wait, but just take a look at the list of bands who will take part in that event. I can tell you it’ll be worth waiting and coming!

Among others, you’ll see there:
PARADISE LOST – May 31st headliner
…and many other great French bands. Ten bands are to be confirmed.

Learn more about the festival at: http://www.rotondefestival.fr.st/. Dutch and Belgian fans, check it out, it’s not that far away!

Shaman’s first summer festival shows have been announced! The band will play at the Gods Of Metal in Milan, on July 7th or 8th, 2003.
Other bands to play there are Whitesnake, Marilyn Manson, Queensrÿche, Children of Bodom, Motörhead, Saxon, Destruction, U.D.O., Pain of Salvation, and many others. Rock on!

02/12/04 Two shows cancelled
We are sorry to announce that, due to local promoter problems, the Milano and Nancy shows, which were supposed to happen on next December 9th and 13th, have just been cancelled.
Sad news for Italian fans, and for those living in Luxemburg, Belgium or Germany who intended to come and see Shaman in France!

02/11/05 Hugo endorsed by Epiphone
Hugo Mariutti has just signed for a deal with the famous guitar maker Epiphone. We'll have the opportunity to see him play on this great brand in Milano, Italia, on December 9, then in France on December 13, 14 and 15, as you already know.

02/10/21 Shaman in Eastern France
Here's some fresh piece of news that could be a good one for people living in Germany or the Netherlands. Shaman just added a 3rd date to their French tour. They'll play live in Nancy, Terminal Export, on December 13th, 2002.
Ain't that cool?

02/10/03 Shaman in France
At last! The French dates of the Ritual Tour have been announced and confirmed.
Shaman will tour two French cities:

Paris - Elysée-Montmartre
Saturday, December 14th, 2002

Lyon - Le transbordeur
Sunday, December 15th, 2002

Mob Rules will play as support act.

02/09/29 Shaman in Rio
On Saturday, September 28th, Shaman played live in Rio de Janeiro.
Here’s the setlist:

Ancient Winds
Here I am
Distant Thunder
Time will come
For Tomorrow
Wings of Reality
Hugo solo
Ricardo solo
Nothing to say
Over your Head
Andre solo
Fairy Tale
Burn (Deep Purple)
Living for the Night (Viper - with Yves Passarell)
Unfinished Allegro
Carry on
Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
Ace of Spades (Motörhead)
Painkiller (Judas Priest)

02/09/19 Shaman in Sao Paulo
On Saturday, September 14th, Shaman played home in Sao Paulo. For that reason, the boys performed a special 3-hour-long show!
Here’s the setlist:

Ancient Winds
Here I am
Distant Thunder
Time will come
For Tomorrow
Wings of Reality
Hugo solo
Ricardo solo
Blind Spell
Over your Head
Andre solo
Fairy Tale
Nothing to say
Burn (Deep Purple cover)
Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover: Hugo on vocals/guitar, Andre on the drums, Ricardo on the guitar, Luís on the bass)
Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover: Luís on vocals/bass, Andre on the drums, Hugo on the guitar, Ricardo on the guitar)
Unfinished Allegro
Carry on
Painkiller (Judas Priest cover)

If only we could have such a show in Europe!

02/09/12 Various pieces of news
Hey people!
After a few weeks of silence (everybody needs holidays!) we bring you some fresh news.

Shaman recently signed on a deal with Universal Music in Brazil. Universal will market Ritual in all the countries where it hasn't been released yet.

The first video from the album will be "Fairy Tale". The "pretty lady" part will be played by Brazilian top model Pietra Ferrari. Here is a photo gallery with pictures from the videoclip.

The first confirmed dates for the Ritual Tour are the following:
22/08 - PORTO ALEGRE / RS (Bar Opinião :: +5551 3211-2838)
24/08 - BAL. CAMBORIÚ / SC (Armazém Bar)
25/08 - PONTA GROSSA / PR (Planeta Beer)
30/08 - CURITIBA / PR (Moinho São Roque :: +5541 333-3964)
07/09 - BRASÍLIA / DF (Festival Independência e Rock :: 0xx61 9631-9576)
14/09 - SÃO PAULO / SP (Via Funchal :: www.viafunchal.com.br)
21/09 - BELO HORIZONTE / MG (Lapa MultiShow :: +5531 3222-6283)
27/09 - RIO DE JANEIRO / RJ (ATL Hall :: +5521 2552-2449)
10/10 - MACEIÓ / AL (Fenix Alagoana)
12/10 - ARACAJÚ / SE
13/10 - SALVADOR / BA (Rock in Rio Café)
More dates to be confirmed soon.
Shaman should come to Europe in November, after having toured Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

The band would like to release a DVD after the Ritual Tour, no release date has been planned though.

On October 22nd (French release date), Luca Turilli's brand new solo album, called Prophet of the last Eclipse, will be out. The limited edition will come as a digibook and will include a bonus track with Andre Matos on vocals.

www.blezqizatsaz.com is the official website of Fabio Ribeiro's solo project. And guess who is among other guitars players on project? Hugo Mariutti and Kiko Loureiro! For those who still don't know, Fabio is Shaman's keyboard player on tour.

02/09/12 Ritual show
The Ritual Tour's first show took place yesterday evening in Porto Alegre (Brazil).
Here's the setlist:

Ancient Winds
Here I am
Distant Thunder
Time will come
For Tomorrow
Wings of Reality
Blind Spell
Over your Head
Fairy Tale
Burn (Deep Purple)
Living for the Night (Viper)
Carry on
Painkiller (Judas Priest)

02/09/11 Chat with Shaman Bis
The Chat scheduled yesterday on MTV Brazil will take presently place tonight at 4p.m. (Brazilian time), which is 9p.m. for French time.

02/09/06 Chat with Shaman.
On next Tuesday, September 10th, at 5pm, the members of Shaman will take part to the CHAT of MTV Brazil, in order to talk about the new work and the plans for the Ritual World Tour.
Dont miss it!

We are proud to present the new version of our official French page, now called THE FRENCH RITUAL.
We hope you'll enjoy it and find all the informations you need.

02/06/12 Touring South America.
The kick off for the RITUAL Tour will happen on next August 16th, in Presidente Prudente (SP). There are 35 shows planned in Brazil so far, including one at Via Punchal in Sao Paulo, on September 14th, which should be the Big Day of the tour. The band will then tour South America across Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Equador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Mexico, and will then fly to Japan and old Europe. The dates for the Brazilian shows are to be confirmed soon.

02/06/12 Shaman in Rock Hard France.
After Hard N Heavy, now it’s Rock Hard’s turn to welcome Shaman : in June issue you can find and interview with Andre & Hugo, as well as a review of RITUAL. The guy who wrote the review gave RITUAL an 8,5/10, and the album got a 7,75/10 average mark from all the Rock Hard team, which places the album #5 in their ranking, just behind mammoths like Halford or Rose Tatoo. That must definitely mean something ! :-)
And, last but not least, you can also find the full version of « Here I am » on their monthly sampler CD. For those who can’t wait… :-)

02/06/06 RITUAL limited edition.
RITUAL will finally be released earlier than formerly scheduled, since it will hit (at least) the French stores on next June 25th. There will be a special limited edition for the French version of the album, consisting of a deluxe case with 5 postcards, a guitar pick, a sticker, a poster, and Andre’s track by track commentaries.
Isn’t that cool ?

02/06/03 RITUAL’s on it’s way !
RITUAL's coming soon… Just one last month to wait before you can cast an ear on Shaman's work on album. You can expect reading about your favorite Braz band (nope, not Sepultura !) in the metal magazines in the coming months !
In France, the first to shoot is Hard N Heavy, proposing a cool interview with Andre & Hugo, in the June issue.

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