06/10/18 Ricardo
Just in case you spent the last few months in a cave or if you didn't go to Shaaman's official fan-club website lately, here's Ricardo's letter to the fans:

"Hi everybody,

It was not easy to write these lines, as they represent an end to one stage. A stage that meant a lot to all of us but unfortunately got to an end.

The band Shaaman started out six years ago, continuing a great work that could not be stopped and, thanks to a great friendship, dedication and big effort of all, overcame difficulties and achieved its goal. Everything we went through this last years were real, intense and represented a lot to us and to the fans.

There were many speculations around Shaaman, and they put our fans down. People can be sure that everything was done in a certain way so we could solve disagreements and, at the same time, save all fans from unnecessary stress, but unfortunately it was no always possible.

The human capacity of relationship is odd, sometimes put us together, sometimes break us apart.

It was difficult to guess, but the fact is that today Luis, Hugo and Andre do not share the same goals we joined for in the past. That makes the future unpredictable, but not unreachable, that is why I assure one more time my commitment as a musician, to all of you who believed in me and support me, that I will go ahead.

I sincerely thank everybody who stood by me and joined me in this journey, I surely will meet you soon!


Ricardo Confessori"

The French Ritual Team was very sorry to know that, and we have to discuss about the website's future too...
I bet now you understand why we remained silent for months!
Till next time, my friends...

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