04/10/24 Interview with Ricardo

Exclusive short interview with Ricardo Confessori, October 18th, 2004 :
Hi Ricardo ! It’s been a while since the last time we talked. Can you tell us how things are going concerning the new album ?

Well, we are planning to release our new album in January or February. It is done already, but we decided to wait to have an album in 2005. We made this choice mostly because numerology says so! It is a great album, the best I have ever done. It will surprise everybody, the band has really grown up, and the music is absolutely fantastic.

You mean the album has already been recorded, mastered, mixed, produced and everything, but you want to wait until 2005 to release it because you believe in the science of numbers!? You guys really are shamans…

Exactly ! (laughs)

There should be an EP released before, right ?

No. There will just be a single, but only as a promo for radios.

How many songs will there be on the album ? Can you tell us some names already ? Will there be “Be free”?

I twill contains 10 songs. No « Be free », and no bonus tracks for the various editions. And sorry, but it’s too soon to tell you the names of the songs ! However, I can tell you there will be a cover on the album, which will be a surprise for everybody…

Oh yeah ? A metal song, or something more unusual like « Wuthering Heights »?

Something more unusual, as always... (smile)

On RITUAL, there were some nice guests like Tobias Sammet, Derek Sherinian, Marcus Viana... What about the new album ?

This time, there is just Marcus Viana on the violin. And Fabio Ribeiro of course, who played hammond organ on many songs.

Alright ! Thanks a lot for this little chat, Ricardo. Take care and see you next time for a real interview !

04/10/13 Brand new song!
During their show at the Rock The Planet festival, Shaman performed a brand new song from their upcoming album. The track is called "Turn away" and apparently pleased the audience. Cool!

04/10/13 Shaman in Mexico!
Shaman have reportedly been confirmed for the first-ever Monterrey Metal Fest, set to be held November 13 at the Auditorio Coca Cola in Monterrey, Mexico. Other bands confirmed are Twisted Sister, Dio, Dokken and Quiet Riot. Our Braz buddies are newbies compared to those dinosaurs! :)
Tickets for the one-day event officially went on sale on Saturday (Oct. 9). More information is available by writing to Metalfest@concertours.com.

04/10/06 Guest star
Andre appeared on stage with his German fellows of Edguy on last Saturday, October 2nd, at Espaco Das Americas, Sao Paulo.

04/10/06 Recording sessions
You'll be pleased to know that Andre is now recording the last vocal parts at dear friend Sascha Paeth's Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany. The as-yet-untitled new album should be released by AFM Records.

The band will also release an EP ahead of the new album, in January, 2005. Come on guys, we can't wait!

The band should be testing new songs on their upcoming Brazilian shows. Who talked about bootlegging? :o)

04/10/05 Shaman back in Europe
Shaman will be back in Europe very soon.

On November 20th, the band will play in Martin, Slovakia.


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