04/04/23 Some more news
Some more fresh news from sunny Brazil...
The band is currently in a big studio in Sao Paulo, doing the pre-production part with faithful Sascha Paeth. Most of the drum parts have already been recorded.
The album should be ready for a release by the end of the summer.
We'll try to keep you informed with pictures and studio reports very soon.
Stay tuned!

04/04/02 News about forthcoming album
About 1 month after the release of the RITUALIVE CD + DVD over here in Europe, here are some fresh news, straight from sunny Brazil.
The 4 guys are currently hard at work on their sophomore album. About 6 or 7 songs have already been written so far. Some of them are in the faithful wake of RITUAL, while some others are reaching new horizons... ;)
Sascha arrived in Brazil on March 26th, and the recording sessions will begin on April 10th.
We can expect the new baby by the end of the year.

And that's not all! Those who were a bit disappointed (like us) to notice that some songs from the Sao Paulo show were not featured on the DVD will certainly be happy to know that the new album will come with a bonus DVD, featuring 2 leftovers from the April 5th 2003 show! We don't know what those tracks will be, but I can tell you it won't be the Angra medley, since the band don't want to use the Angra songs. I think you guys can understand that. So it might be either "Living for the Night" (Viper cover), "Breaking the Law" (Judas Priest cover) or "Inside" (Avantasia cover). Any bet?

04/04/02 Brazil to invade Germany!
At last, Shaman found a record deal in Germany! The great AFM label (the guys who discovered Edguy, yes sir) will distribute Shaman's discography over there. RITUAL and RITUALIVE were released in Germany on March 22nd.

04/04/02 Shaman back in Europe
Shaman will perform a show at the Vina Rock festival in Valenzia, Spain, on next April 30th.

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