03/03/28 News of Henceforth and Shaman
Henceforth, Hugo's first band, has parted ways with its bass player who had just left for Greece. And guess who will replace him? Yep my friends, Luis himself! Talking about déjà-vu? The album will be recorded at the end of the year, when Shaman's schedule is more loose.

About Shaman, you'll be glad to know they won great awards from the famous Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew:
Best band
Best album cover
Best album
Best show
Best singer
Best bass player
2nd best guitar player
2nd best drummer
Best keyboard player (Andre)
2nd Best keyboard player (Fabio)


03/03/28 French Hard Rock Magazine poll
Shaman won great victories at the poll of this French magazine:

Best album
Best young band
Best singer
3rd best band
4th best guitar player
5th best bass player
3rd best videoclip (Fairy Tale)

That's pure glory!

03/03/28 Rotonde Festival
Here are some more news about the 7th edition of the Rotonde Festival that will take place in Hirson (Northern France).
There will be 22 bands playing, on 2 stages.

Saturday, May 31st. Doors 2.00pm. Entrance: 25 Euros.

Sunday, June 1st. Doors 1.45pm. Entrance 20 Euros.

2 days ticket: 30 euros.

03/03/28 Hard Rock Mag Awards
Bad news for those who wanted to come to France to meet Shaman in Paris: the guys won't be there at the HRM Awards, because, as you may know, they'll be performing a great show in Brazil on that day.
Thus, the French Ritual Team will be very honored to receive the price at their place. You should have some surprise anyway, if you still want to come to Paris! :) Is so, we'll be happy to meet you and have a couple of beers together!

03/03/28 Mega show!
On next April 5th, Shaman will be performing a great special show at Credicard Hall, in Sao Paulo.
The guys have decided to record the show they will play in front of 8000 people. And a DVD should be coming soon after!
Some famous guests will be there on the occasion: Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia); Marcus Viana (the violonist who plays on Ritual), the long-time friend and producer Sascha Paeth (Heaven's Gate) will play the guitar with the guys, and Andi Deris & Michael Weikath (Helloween) will join the band for some hot pumpkin cover, we can guess!
Tobias, Marcus and Sascha will also be there on the next day at the Rio show (while we will be in Paris, receving Shaman's awards!).

03/03/08 Shaman in French press
If you have the opportunity to read French magazines, you should get the February and March issues of Hard Rock Magazine: the former includes 4 pages on Shaman's wicked Paris show (which happened on December 14th, 2002), while the latter reveals a funny blind test with the 4 guys.

What's more, you might want to know that Andre Matos will be present at the 2nd HRM Awards ceremony (if you remember well, he was already there last year). The results of the poll have not been announced yet, but we can hope that this time Andre will be here not to give an award, but to win one! Rendez-vous at La Locomotive in Paris, I can tell you the event is worth the trip!

03/03/08 5 French shows for Shaman!
Hey you, European fans of Shaman, rejoice! Those who are not afraid to travel to France will be happy to know that the guys will be back in France early June 2003 for 5 shows! Here they are:
May 31st: Bordeaux (Théâtre Barbey)
June 1st: Hirson (Rotonde Festival - cf previous news)
June 3rd: Eloyes (Centre culturel)
June 4th: Ris Orangis (Le Plan)
June 7th: Orthez (Festival)

No opening acts have been confirmed yet for the non-festival shows, but we'll keep you informed as soon as we know.
There might also be a few acoustic showcases around those dates... Stay tuned!

03/03/08 Ritual European Tour
And here are the rest of the dates for the European tour, which should concern even more people! Here's the deal: Shaman will first tour Spain, then France, then Italy. Ain't that nice?
Here are the details:
23/05 - Valência/Spain
24/05 - Bilbao/Spain
25/05 - Barcelona/Spain
29/05 - Astúrias/Spain
30/05 - Madrid/Spain
31/05 - Bordeaux/France - (Theatre Barbey)
01/06 - Hirson/France - (Rotonde Festival)
03/06 - Eloyes/France - (Centre Culturel)
04/06 - Ris Orangis/France - (Le Plan)
06/06 - Rennes/France - (Antipode)
07/06 - Orthez/France
08/06 - Milan/Italy - (Gods of Metal Festival)
13/07 - Civitanova/Italy - (Mid Summer's Metal Sunday)
Other dates should be confirmed soon... To be continued!

03/03/08 French press - Episode II
To those again who can purchase French metal magazines, don't miss that! The sampler which comes with the March issue of the French ROCK HARD magazine contains an exclusive Shaman video file: "Here I am", shot live in Paris, on last December 14th! What's more, the mix between the cameras is pretty good. Talking about collector's item? :)

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