We are proud to present the new version of our official French page, now called THE FRENCH RITUAL.
We hope you'll enjoy it and find all the informations you need.

02/06/12 Touring South America.
The kick off for the RITUAL Tour will happen on next August 16th, in Presidente Prudente (SP). There are 35 shows planned in Brazil so far, including one at Via Punchal in Sao Paulo, on September 14th, which should be the Big Day of the tour. The band will then tour South America across Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Equador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Mexico, and will then fly to Japan and old Europe. The dates for the Brazilian shows are to be confirmed soon.

02/06/12 Shaman in Rock Hard France.
After Hard N Heavy, now it’s Rock Hard’s turn to welcome Shaman : in June issue you can find and interview with Andre & Hugo, as well as a review of RITUAL. The guy who wrote the review gave RITUAL an 8,5/10, and the album got a 7,75/10 average mark from all the Rock Hard team, which places the album #5 in their ranking, just behind mammoths like Halford or Rose Tatoo. That must definitely mean something ! :-)
And, last but not least, you can also find the full version of « Here I am » on their monthly sampler CD. For those who can’t wait… :-)

02/06/06 RITUAL limited edition.
RITUAL will finally be released earlier than formerly scheduled, since it will hit (at least) the French stores on next June 25th. There will be a special limited edition for the French version of the album, consisting of a deluxe case with 5 postcards, a guitar pick, a sticker, a poster, and Andre’s track by track commentaries.
Isn’t that cool ?

02/06/03 RITUAL’s on it’s way !
RITUAL's coming soon… Just one last month to wait before you can cast an ear on Shaman's work on album. You can expect reading about your favorite Braz band (nope, not Sepultura !) in the metal magazines in the coming months !
In France, the first to shoot is Hard N Heavy, proposing a cool interview with Andre & Hugo, in the June issue.

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