02/03/13 Andre wrote to us.
Andre gave us some news !
Here’s a summary of his e-mail with his feeling about the recording sessions that are to be finished very soon:

" Physically : always on the edge! The german winter is not such a friendly thing for some jungle boys like us...

Musically: really impressed with the result that's coming out of the recordings. I'm not kidding : you'll see what I'm talking about when you listen to something (now I made you very curious, I guess!)

Mentally: trying to hold back the excitement : I can't wait to see everything finished...

I was supposed to leave here on the 10th but we decided that I extend my stay in order to finish all recordings, arrangements, extra recordings and to follow the mix properly. I really don't mind even if I'm a little home sick - the priority now is the Shaman album and we're giving everything for it !!! "

Then he deals with his next coming to France for the Hard Rock Mag Awards:

" Yes, I was invited for this event - and I'm very looking forward to go!! I know that this is the day of the New Angra concert in Paris. I don't think I'll attend to their concert but we'll probably meet in the party. Although we haven't seen us for about two years now I must say that it is absolutely no problem for me - this should happen sooner or later and I really hope there won't be any bad feelings between us."

02/03/10 Various news
Here are some fresh various news about our favorite band :

First, you might want to know that the French Hard Rock Magazine team invited Andre to come to France and take part to the HRM Awards which will happen at La Locomotive, Paris, on next March 21st. Andre confirmed he would be there ! So this means he will meet his ex-fellows from Angra, who will play live on the very same night at the Elysée-Montmartre in Paris, and then will be at the HRM Awards too ! Hope everything will be fine, since the guys haven’t seen each other for about 2 years now… Read more about that evening on www.hardrockmag.com.

Shaman will also take part to the Monsters of Soccer tournament, a Brazilian charity work wich consists in organizing soccer games between Brazilian musicans, crew members and journalists.
Unfortunately for non Brazilians fans, all the games will take place in Sao Paulo. But we might have a special reporter over there who will tell us about the event...

Here’s the complete list of the teams : Shaman/Roadie Crew, Manifesto Bar/Sepultura, Animal Records, Rock Brigade/Laser Company/Angra, Opera, Tempestt, Frontline,Dr. Sin, Korzus, Shocker, Black Jack Bar/Sleevers and Tropa de Shock.

17 mars - Roadie Crew/Shaman X Black Jack/Sleevers - Court 2 - 04:30pm
24 mars - Roadie Crew/Shaman X Opera - Court 1 - 04:30pm
07 avril - Roadie Crew/Shaman X Frontline - Court 3 - 04:30pm
14 avril - Roadie Crew/Shaman X Tempestt - Court 3 - 05:30pm
21 avril - Roadie Crew/Shaman X Dr. Sin -Court 3- 05:30pm

This is a nice operation, since all you have to pay to attend those games is... 1 Kilogram (2,2 pounds) of non perishable foodstuffs !

Also, Whiplash, a Brazilian metal website, gives you an interview of Hugo Mariutti. The guitar player show us some exercises, as well as the chords on which is bases his solos. Hope you can speak Portuguese! By the way, if somebody wants to translate the article into English for us, you can e-mail us at theshaman@free.fr . Thanx ! ;-)

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