02/02/13 Shaman in Hard Rock Magazine.
Hard Rock Magazine, the French metal mag, proposes us an attractive menu this month! It includes a great report on Brazilian metal, with a good interview of Andre and Ricardo. There you learn a lot about them, like how the band wrote their album and how they overcame their breaking up with Angra. You also learn a little more about the future album: Shaman actually tested 4 rather technical songs with their public on their mini-tour last Spring. Thus the band could see how those songs worked with the audience and make new choices of songwriting according to this experience – like removing one of those 4 titles from their tracklist, but which one? Apparently Hugo brought a strong touch of heavy metal to the band… This allows us to expect an album mixing various influences – 80’s heavy metal, progressive, classical music, roots Braz music… Many guests will take part to RITUAL, like Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen, Platypus), who insisted to work with Shaman. That’s it for the interview. It’s just a summary of it. If you wanna know more about it, just buy the mag! But here’s more for today. You may want to know that Shaman reached the 8th place in the “Hope 2001” category of the readers poll! This should be good for Shaman’s future. Lastly, Andre might come to the Hard Rock Mag Awards 2002 on March 21st, at the Locomotive in Paris. If so, he would meet there his ex band mates from Angra, who will play live in the Elysée-Montmartre the same night… We’ll be there, we’ll tell you more later!

02/02/05 Scoop about the album.
We just received some fresh news from Andre who’s now in Germany, where Shaman are recording their next (and actually first!) album.
Apparently the band is working hard but the guys are very confident and happy about the recording sessions: according to Andre, “the sound is impressive and the songs are very original”. They started to record on January 17th, and they should finish at the end of March.
However, the album won’t be released in France on May 21st as foretold, but on July 2nd, 2002. The thing is that the band and NTS don’t won’t to release the album in our beautiful country during the Soccer World Cup! Do they fear the fans would be more focused on our national team than on their favorite band? Let’s say that it’s true that time wouldn’t be very appropriate to release and promote a first album… J
About good news, the band’s presence is already confirmed for the Vina Rock Festival in Spain, on next April 27th. Shaman is also in negotiations to see whether they will come to summer festivals (who said ‘Wacken’?)
What’s more, the album promotion will begin in April/May and Andre promised to come and say a little ‘Hi’ to France!
Finally, this is the real scoop: Andre told us the name of Shaman’s future album, which will be called RITUAL.
That’s a hell of a piece of news, right? Now we’re waiting for Andre’s next studio report, in a few weeks…

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