01/07/28 Here comes Virgo.
Virgo’s first album will be released worldwide on September 25th 2001 by SPV, and will be distributed by Wagram.
To celebrate this, there will be a party in Köln, Germany, on next August 16th. 150 people -journalists from several magazines, as well as many guests- will be the lucky audience of Virgo’s first acoustic showcase.
The first performance at Köln’s Red Light District for the POPKOMM will be accompanied with a choir and a string quartet.
(source: www.andrematos.fr.st , Andre Matos official French website)

01/07/21 ICQ Interview with Ricardo
Here’s a summary of a short interview we had on ICQ with Shaman’s drummer Ricardo.

Ricardo seems to be very happy about the South American leg of the tour that just ended. The last three shows in Mexico had to be cancelled because of troubles concerning tour promotion and organization.
Shaman was very warmly welcomed in its home place. The group starts to find it’s place and plays better and better.
Apparently, our little Brazilian drummer has very good memories of Shaman’s last coming to France last March, at the NTS festival. Ricardo was very happy to see again an even greater French audience that the one he used to know.

Now Shaman is taking a little rest, then the band will rehearse for a while and they will enter the studios in next October. They will be recording in Brazil first, then in Germany. It is not certain yet that Sascha Paeth will produce the album.
It will be released next March. Ricardo could not give us more news about the tracklisting. The thing is that the lyrics will be written much later because of Andre’s being very busy right now with Virgo’s album.

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