Fan Art
here is a video from a french fan dancing a choregraphy on FairyTales.

(Right Click on the picture and choose "Save As")

Thanks to Mirette for her wallpapers.
Skins Winamp


Here are Shaman’s first sounds :
 -> Time Will Come (4.5M), is an official full-length track from Shaman’s demo.
 ->Bootleg recording from the 2001 NTS Festival :
         o Time Will Come (4.5M) first Shaman's song of the show.
         o Inside (4.1M) duet with Tobias Sammet from Avantasia.

The Fairy Tale's video clip from Shaman Ritual album

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Here are the videos of the Shaman first TV show...
You need Real Player to read these videos.
More about it on

You can have here the full Shaman show in Sao Paulo (streaming video)

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